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          Huazhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 1968 which is subordinate to. It is located in an important city named Xiangyang where in the northwest of Hubei Province with beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and rich resources....

          We mainly engage in the production and sales of chemical APIs and pharmaceutical preparations. We have 189 drug approval numbers such as chemical APIs, small volume injections and solid preparations. It is a designated manufacturer of national class II psychotropic drugs and birth-control drugs. Huazhong pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the key enterprise in Hubei Province and the leading enterprise in Xiangyang City as export business above $100 million yearly.. Our company is the...

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          Address︰No.118 Xianshan Rd., Xiangyang, Hubei, China

          Zip code: 441023

          E-mail: (North America)better@huazhong-pharma.com



          (South America, Africa)tony@huazhong-pharma.com



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